Two weekends on and around Long Pond

Fred Knight, 3 and 7 Mar 2014

I did a series of hikes on Long Pond, French Mt., Sanders Hill Loop, Roundhill Loop, and Blueberry Hill. Starting and ending point was the house at 236 Beaver Brook Estates, Rome, ME.

3 Mar 2014

For Monday’s start of getfit@mit, I did Fawn Point up to RoundHill and discovered the snowmobile tracks along Kennebec Highlands Trail.  I came back to Blueberry Hill and did a bushwhack down the slope to Long Pond and back along the shore to the house.  270 minutes

7 Mar 2014

Back up to the house for electrical work, I took snowshoes across Long Pond, bushwhacked up to French Mt., then to Sanders Hill Loop and along Kennebec Highlands Trail to Roundhill Loop.  Then a short road walk uphill to Blueberry Hill.and did the same bushwhack down the slope to Long Pond and back along the shore to the house.  360 minutes

8 Mar 2014

Annual Town Meeting of Rome, ME at 10am.  I arrived late to find two greeters, the moderator and another man, on the front porch of the town building.  They gave me a warm welcome because they were searching for a quorum to start the town meeting.  Even though I objected that I was ineligible due to still being a resident of MA, they said I counted (indeed I was needed) to start the meeting.  They needed 53 people.  I was number 52, and Barbara arrived just after I entered the building.  I sat across th aisle from Pete Kallin, former head of BRCA.  The meeting took over three hours and was an event to remember, with all the ingredients of an entertaining event.

Then, in the afternoon, I shoveled a path along the garage through piled snow and ice so that the septic line up to the leaching field might unfreeze sooner in the spring. Only one more snow occurred and we might be able to use the house come early spring. We’ll see.

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