Mt. Tecumseh Trail, My peak #48 of 48 of NH 4000’ers

Fred Knight, Steve Bussolari, Jerry Rubin
2012 May 6

mt tecumsehMy final peak of the 48 New Hampshire 4000’ers was a short hike (6.2 miles) to Mt. Tecumseh.

The three of us met at the northern trail head for Mt Tecumseh Trail off Tripoli Road. Temperatures in the 50s. Hike up along mostly dry trail took 1:45. View south toward Tripyramids from the top and a pleasant place for a rest. Saw WindRiverJohn and Pepper at the trail head, but they scurried off in front of us. Met the keepers of at the top and many other hikers coming up on our way down. I brought smoked salmon, cheese, and biscotti to celebrate. We stayed at the summit for 40 minutes. See Steve’s trail report.

Summary: 6.2 miles, 2400′ rise, 4:06, Mt Tecumseh #48.


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