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Moosilauke via Beaver Brook

Jay Bearfield, Scott Stuart, and I (trailing the leaders) had a good hike up Beaver Brook (once we found the trail), past Mt. Blue, and up to windy Mt. Moosilauke. Once we broke treeline, the wind and cold were not inviting, but until the end the wind was not a factor.  The day started well above freezing, but the temperature dropped during the day. We got less than an inch of snow. Hiking conditions were superb; footing okay with microspikes (used throughout); skies mostly cloudy. Saw a few other hikers; some with snowshoes. No crampons necessary. We forgave Jay for leading us astray at the beginning. Luckily Scott and Jay waited for me periodically. Jean-Marc and Richard did the same on Sunday.  Good luck, guys.  From Richard’s message, sounds like they had similar conditions:

Jean-Marc and I did the same hike on Sunday.  A couple short stops at the beginning to access where someone went off trail the day before. Could that have been?
Starting temp. was  below freezing  and got worse.  Good firm monorail.  Snow pack high (too high for me with those pesky tree branches).  Just over half way, Dally got sick (Jean-Marc’s dog) and they had to descend.  I pushed on to the summit meeting up with a guy we met in the parking lot as he just dropped below tree line.  Full battle gear was required on the ridge.  The wind and cold was brutal even for me.  The idea of shooting for south peak vanished as the wind gusts knocked me around.   Looking forward for another hike next weekend.  Regards,
Richard Bissonnette

Here’s a trip report. Oh yes, my external battery kept my phone charged. Good.

Summary: ~7.6 miles, 6 hours, 3033′ elevation gain

Two-Day Hike Around Ethan Pond Loop, including Mt Tom, Mt Field, and Mt Willey

Ethan Pond site #5mapI took a moderate 2-day hike, starting and ending at the Crawford Notch AMC Highland Center, around the loop of the Avalon-Willey Range-Ethan Pond-A-to-Z Trails. See report here. I stayed at Ethan Pond Campsite #5. All ideal weather conditions with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, no rain, and breeze.

Summary: 2 days, ~20 miles, 5600′ elevation gain

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Trip Report for Pemi Loop

Ariel and Colin Taylor, Steve Bussolari, and Fred Knight

Trip Report for Pemi Loop, 26-28 May 2012

An adventure: The Pemigawasset Loop CCW, starting and ending at Lincoln Woods—3 days, 32+ miles, 10kft+ elevation gain. The four of us hiked the 8 peaks: Bondcliff, Bond, South Twin, Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, and Flume. Ariel and Colin added West Bond. Steve added West Bond and Galehead.

Summary: ~32.6 miles over 3 days, 24 hours, 10,600′ elevation gain.

–Fred (aka tarpman)


North and South Kinsman

Fred Knight, Steve Bussolari, John Moores

North and South Kinsman, 20 May 2012. Here’s the route: mapThe three of us drove independently from Boston to Franconia Notch, did the hike from Lafayette Campground to South Kinsman together, then parted ways. The day warmed from the early 50s to the 60s under cloudless but hazy conditions. We met a young couple a few times on our way to Kinsman Hut, getting passed when we continued around Lonesome Lake through Fred’s misguidance. They were continuing on to Canon Mt after N/S Kinsman and finally a bike run back to the campground—big day.

Mt. Tecumseh Trail, My peak #48 of 48 of NH 4000’ers

Fred Knight, Steve Bussolari, Jerry Rubin
2012 May 6

mt tecumsehMy final peak of the 48 New Hampshire 4000’ers was a short hike (6.2 miles) to Mt. Tecumseh.

The three of us met at the northern trail head for Mt Tecumseh Trail off Tripoli Road. Temperatures in the 50s. Hike up along mostly dry trail took 1:45. View south toward Tripyramids from the top and a pleasant place for a rest. Saw WindRiverJohn and Pepper at the trail head, but they scurried off in front of us. Met the keepers of NewEnglandTrailConditions.com at the top and many other hikers coming up on our way down. I brought smoked salmon, cheese, and biscotti to celebrate. We stayed at the summit for 40 minutes. See Steve’s trail report.

Summary: 6.2 miles, 2400′ rise, 4:06, Mt Tecumseh #48.


Carter Range

Here’s a trip report for a 2-day hike to four peaks in the Carter Range. This page has it all: panoramas, movies, topo map, a monologue, and photos.

Mts. Adams & Madison

Mike Gates, Steve Bussolari, Fred Knight, 2012 Mar 10

Panoramic 180-degree view from Mt Adams: Mt Madison to Mt Washington.  The full report is here.

Mt. Jefferson 2012 Mar 4

Fred Knight and Mike Gates

We started early, found the trailhead behind the cog railway station, and did a great hike up to Mt Jefferson. The full report is here.

Summary: ~12 miles RT, ~8.25 hrs, 3800′ total elevation rise (incl. 1200′ up Mt Jefferson)

Wildcat (Sunday) & Washington (Monday)

Fred Knight (2 days), Steve Bussolari, James Streitman
2012 Feb 19-20

I did not make Wildcat (the peak) but got Wildcat D on Sunday. Then Steve Bussolari and James Streitman joined me on Monday, and we made it to Lion’s Head, about 1000′ below the Mt Washington summit—turned back due to winds.

Lunch smile
Up and down along ridge brought me to WIldcat B.

For full report, click on the image.

Mt Whiteface

Mt Whiteface
Mike Gates and Fred Knight
2012 Feb 11

Although Mike doubted my Sienna’s navigation skills, we found the trailhead on FernCroft Road and took a usual route in reverse. We hiked along a road for ~1/4 mile and took off on the Dicey’s Mill Trail, omitted the 750′ ascent of Mt Pasaconaway, continued on the Rollins Trail to Whiteface, and then went down the Blueberry Ledge Trail, which has a couple tricky rocks.

Below, Mike enjoying the view along the Rollins Trail. Mike also enjoyed the other hikers we met. We had some good chats. One woman was not only doing Passaconaway as well but thinking of adding a Tecumseh later in the day. Another, who emerged form the path to East Sleeper (one of 100 highest peaks in NE and a frequent add-on to this hike) met us during our lunch at the viewless peak and acompanied us part-way down the Blueberry Ledge Trail.

Summary: ~10 miles RT, ~6 hrs, 2900′ elevation rise

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Trail views.
Click once to get full field; click again to get higher resolution and pan across image.

wash skiers

Note: Photoshop worked on right panorama with Steve Smith’s method: Photoshop>File>Automate>PhotoMerge… Auto, Blend, Vignette Removal, Geometric Distortion Correction. Needed hugin for left but still has alignment problems even after manual addition of control points.

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On the Lacey Trail

On the Lacey Trail
Not sure why or where I took this

Mountain Man Mike

Mountain Man Mike
Hoofing it up hill

A great day for smiles

A great day for smiles
A great hiker; he’s on the move.

Gotta love that physique

Gotta love that physique
Can I claim the hip belt enhances the middle?

Mt Monadnock

Fred Knight, Mike Gates, Doug Anderson, Evan Carson
2012 Feb 4

We walked up Mt Monadnock on an icy trail, along with many others.

The day was mostly clear. We wore microspikes (Doug and Evan) or crampons (Fred and Mike) almost all the way.

Mike, my old swimming buddy Mike Gates, turned up at the parking lot just a few minutes after we arrived.

Summary: ~ 5 miles, 2200′ rise, 4:05, very icy, temps in 20s

Full report here.

Mt. Passaconaway

2012 Jan 28
Fred Knight

With no takers for hiking companions and a forecast for a very windy Presidential Ridge, I abandoned the planned Mt Jefferson ascent and selected Mt Passaconaway (4043′) for a solo hike. The drive up went well, so I made the sunrise on the Kancamagus Hwy, with some good views (see full report).

Falling Waters-Franconia Ridge-Old Bridle Path

Steve Bussolari, Charlie Abert, Fred Knight
2012 Jan 22

Gorgeous hike on a gorgeous day. Sunday was predicted to be beautiful, but we got a real treat with cloudless skies, little wind (none on Little Haystack), and easy going on the snow-padded trails. Charlie barebooted all the way; Steve and I wore microspikes; saw many snowshoed hikers on the ridge. Started out cool at 0815. The pictures tell the story.

Steve’s report and track on EveryTrail

Summary: ~9 miles, 3000′ rise, 6 hours total

Monadnock, 2012 Jan 15

Solo ascent of Monadnock on a cold day. Saw a wide range of people. Almost immediately after starting I met two solos and a pair all coming down at 0845. They had started out early. Two of them were hoofing it.Then I saw another old geezer (like me), a retired dairy farmer who lives nearby and comes almost daily to the hill. Later another runner passed me up and then down as he scampered over the spots I thought were tricky. Then more groups coming up near the time I was almost finished. Wide range of gear too, from nothing to full set of gear.   Full report. Temperature started near 0 deg F. Breezy on top; warmed up a bit.

Summary: ~5 miles, 3.75 hours, 2200′ elevation gain.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Cannon Mt Via Kinsman Ridge Trail

Benny, Jonah Tower, Steve Bussolari, Fred Knight, 2011 Dec 26

Cannon Mt startThree of us, Jonah, Fred, and Benny, accepted Steve’s invitation for a Boxing Day hike. Although Squam Range was put forward, Cannon Mt won due to a scolding from Charlie Abert that required reaching 4000′. It was Benny’s first peak. Less wind and more clouds than expected. A gorgeous new snow of up to ~6″. It was a short hike (for Benny’s sake) and we arrived home before dark.  Full report.

Mt Monroe and Mt Washington via Ammonoosuc Trail

Kris Cyr and Fred Knight, 2011 Dec 17

We expected a strenuous hike and cold with clearing skies and light wind. We got a workout and the cold temperatures, but there were only a couple moments of the sun breaking through on Mt Washington and significant breeze atop Mt Monroe.  Full report.

Mt Liberty, 2011 Dec 3

Charlie Abert, Steve Bussolari, Fred Knight, Jonah Tower and Benny

2011 Dec 3

Early start for 6+-hour hike, slightly over book time for the 8-mile hike with 2900′ rise. All participants cooperated to make it an enjoyable day. Benny, the golden retriever, was on his first outing; master Jonah played him well.  Report and pictures here.


Moosilauke, 2011 Nov 27

Steve Bussolari, Jerry Rubin, Fred Knight

2011 Nov 27

Up to the White Mtns, up the Ravine Road to the Dartmouth Lodge, then up the Gorge Brook Trail to the Moosilauke summit, then down Gleencliff and Snapper, back to the Road. No other hikers except a party in the distance at the summit. Nice day with temperatures in the 30s.  Full report here.

Franconia Ridge, 2011 Nov 19

Steve Bussolari, Jonah Tower, Fred Knight 

We hiked up Falling Waters, across Franconia Ridge from Little Haystack to Lafayette, and then down Old Bridle Path. We took 8 hours, well above book time. Always a fun hike! My last time up here was in April when the snow was deep. Only a dusting today.  Here’s a full report.

Galehead Mtn + South Twin

Fred Knight and Steve Smith

2011 Nov 5

Steve Smith and Fred Knight made a day of the gorgeous weather on Saturday with a hike up the Gale River Trail to Galehead Mtn, and an extension to South Twin. Wanting some views of Franconia and the Presidentials, we added South Twin (and another 1200′ of elevation) for spectacular views of snow-covered peaks west and east. We returned back to the car by sunset as the 3/4 moon was rising. A thoroughly fun day.

Mt Carrigain

Fred Knight and Charlie Anderson

2011 Oct 22

Charlie Anderson and Fred Knight were so excited about the hike that they both woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile.

Mt Carrigain was my 29th 4000’er. Next is Galehead. Then we are into winter and fun with the snow. Everybody’s excited about that.

Summary: 14 miles (4 on road), 3200′ rise on trail plus 600′ on road to Mt Carrigain summit at 4700′, 8:25 start; 4:55 finish

Don’t forget to click on those photos and the map.

North Twin-South Twin-Guyot-Bond-Bondcliff-West Bond

Fred Knight and Mike Pineault

2011 Sep 24-25

Mike and I planned a two-day excursion to reach Bond, Bondcliff, and West Bond. Everything went according to plan. The first day was mostly in the clouds with few views. The night at Guyot Tentsite was very warm. The second day was partly cloudy with good views west but not much east toward the Presidentials.

Looking back to Bondcliff adorned with our Guyot caretaker
As we left Bondcliff, the caretaker, out for a jaunt, was shrouded in fog.

Full report.


East Osceola and Osceola, 2011 Apr 24

2011 Apr 24

East OsceolaAtop Mt Osceola looking north
The top is barren, cleared (I presume) due to there being a tower in the past with only footings remaining.

On the last day of the 12-week GetFit@MIT, I had a fine hike to East Osceola and Osceola. Starting at the Greeley Ponds Trailhead at 8am after an easy drive (with no traffic), I donned hat and light mittens but got down to shorts and shirt before the steep section up East Osceola. The day was in the 30s with variable clouds and light wind. The monorail on the trail was mostly intact but slippery, so I used microspikes, but I was glad to have crampons for the uphill part. There were a few dicey sections with ice but nothing impassable for me. At a couple points, I regretted leaving my ice ax in the car, although shortening my poles was sufficient.

North and South Hancock Hike

2011 Apr 2

Who: Matt Hansen, Fred Knight

Matt and I both forgot our cameras, which was the only downside to a fine day of hiking to North Hancock, elevation 4,420 feet and South Hancock, elevation 4,319 feet.  The day was partially clear with a mix of a few snow squalls in between intermittent times of blue sky.  We were aided by a Lone Snowshoer, who preceded us with enormous strides, and we still took almost 9 hours to complete the 10.4 miles.

The previous two days left 3-6″ of fresh snow, but we managed well with bare boots for the first two hours.  We followed the Lone Wolf’s tracks; he was our Wilderness Guide.  After the Hancock Loop junction, we used snowshoes and still followed the True Trailblazer up the steep (1100′ in 0.7 miles) part.  The uncanny Himalayan Hiker only went awry once, after keeping on trail at a myriad of bends and right-angle turns.  The Mystery Man met his match coming off North Hancock.  Our Chingachgook left crisscrossed tracks in aborted attempts to find the next blaze, but finally chose a lick of young spruce to bushwhack.  The Young Yeti got right back on the track!  On the approach to South Peak, the Yak Tracker amazed us again and again by his abrupt turns to meander up to the top.  We saw no other hikers—only the trail of Mountain Man With Long Strides.

Coming down South Peak was a glorious treat for Matt, whose balance allowed him a speedy descent.  I lagged…and lagged…down the 700′ snow-covered trail.  Luckily, the cushion of 6-8″ of snow made a soft landing for each step.  The trail of our Winter Wonder was obliterated, but his guidance led us well.

Summary: North and South Hancock, 10.4 miles, 8:45, bare boot and snowshoes, good snow, glorious views, leadership by Dramatic Deerslayer

Part Way up to Mt Washington

Mt Washington, 19 Mar 2011: Only got part way up Lion’s head, 3 of 8 in the team made it to the top.  I balked at going up Lion’s Head Winter Route.  No ice ax; first time with crampons.  Decided instead to explore at lower altitudes.  Saw Harvard Cabin, then Tuckerman’s Ravine.  Met up with the team at the end of the day.

Cannon Mt, Lafayette Camground, Falling Waters

2-day hikemap4-5 Mar 2011
Solo on 4 Mar up to Cannon Mt from Lafayette Campground, then with Charlie Abert and Jonah Tower up Falling Waters, only part way to the Franconia Ridge because I had to get home. As they reported later, very windy on top.