Squam Range Traverse



I did a one-way trek on the Squam Range from Mt Livermore to Mt Morgan. I started by dropping my pack at the startig point, then driving to the ending point, where I mounted Melanie’s old kid’s bicycle. Then I rode the 3 miles to the starting point, where I left the bike for pick-up after the hike.

The hike was not a big climb. The temperature was about 28, and the wind was blowing. When I reached the top of Mt Livermore, 1.1 miles in, I got a great panorama over Squam Lake. Then I walked the ridge trail. The overlook commanded another good view, as shown in the movie. The last part of the movie was taken from the other end of the range at its highest point, Mt Morgan, where I ate lunch and enjoyed the captivating view of both Squam and Winnipesaukee. I left the peak at 12:10 and went down the marked trail. I got back to the car at 1:45, an elapsed hiking time of 5 hours—indicating that the terrain was pretty nice. Temperature reached 34 at the end of the hike, and the wind was less below the ridge. A gorgeous day.

mapSummary: 9.18 miles, Squam Range from Mt Livermore to Mt Percival.
Full report here.

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