Years 3-6

Hmm, Boppy is a little behind in posting. Here are a few tidbits to get us up to date.

My Third Year

Here are videos from my third year.

On Sunday, 15 Mar 2015, I visited Grammy and Boppy and decided to decorate the rug.Shelly

My Second Year

Here are videos from my second year.

My First Birthday Celebration

PanoramaMommy and Daddy took me to Grandma and Boppy’s house for my party with

    Great Aunt Sue & Great Uncle Tom,
    First cousin once removed Victoria & Troy Brown,
    Eric Carlsen & Auntie Melanie,
    Uncle Anthony & Auntie Emily,
    Mommy and Daddy,
    Grandma & Boppy.

We had many smiles, lunch and cake, and presents. I had fun all the time during the party. Here are my pictures.

My Second Six Months

Here is a playlist of videos in my second six months


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

My Youtube Videos in My First Six Months

Here is a playlist of videos.

My First Day

Shelly Iris Knight, age 2 hoursShelly Iris Knight’s First Morning, 25 May 2012

Shelly Iris Knight’s YouTube Videos.(simple interface)

Shelly Iris Knight’s web page (better resolution but slower)

Shelly Iris Knight’s First Afternoon in iPhoto, 25 May 2012,
(best resolution but requires macintosh) 211 MB zip file of movies and photos. To download, click, select Save File, and wait for download. Then unzip and load into iPhoto.