Pierce and Eisenhower

I needed to get my Limmer boots attended to in Intervale on Friday and arranged to meet Richard Bissonette on Saturday morning at the AMC Highland Center for a hike to either Webster or up the Crawford Path to Mt Pierce and Mt Eisenhower. The four of us chose Pierce and Eisenhower with a loop return via Edmund’s Path and the access road (not a highlight!). Lots of people on the trails and a good time with return about 3:20.

My idea to sleep in the car at the Crawford Path parking lot did not appeal to me when I arrived, so I splurged and booked a room at the AMC Highland Center for plush accommodations, dinner and breakfast, and a comfy start to the hike. After breakfast, Mike Willet, Jeff Pray, Richard Bissonette, and I started up Crawford Path at about 8:30. We donned our microspikes fairly soon and kept them on until near the road walk at the end. At the Mitzpah Cutoff junction, Jeff and I chose the shorter route to Pierce while Richard and Mike went to Mitzpah Hut and then up the steep part of the WebsterCliff Trail to Pierce. We found a few 1′-deep drifts on the way to Eisenhower, but it was easy hiking, almost no wind, and great vistas to Washington with undercast drifting across the col between Pierce and Eisenhower. Temps near 30. Even atop Eisenhower the breeze was gentle. Richard and Mike suggested returning via Edmund’s Path, which was new to me and had cushioning snow most of the way down. The final, 2.4-mile slog on the road was not exciting.

Good hike; we were of similar speeds. Jeff was the most stylish with color-coordinated pants and his versatile wool buff. Mike and Richard are fellow hikers and kayakers of many years. Jeff has joined their team; I’m a hanger-on. A very pleasant day.

~10 miles, 3300′ rise, up to 6″ of powdery snow, under 7 hrs

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