Pierce and Eisenhower

Mike Willett, Richard Bissonnette, Fred Knight

See the pics here.

A superb day with temperatures in the teens and 20s and lots of sun. The trail was well broken and the wind was manageable, even on Mt Eisenhower where we stayed only briefly. Met and passed lots of hikers, out and back. Approx. book time, but it’s getting harder to equal book time. The trail was superbly cushioned with snow. Used microspikes through out, but Richard tried (and abandoned) snowshoes on the ascent of Eisenhower. A thoroughly fun hike.

Summary: 8.9 miles, 3200′ elevation gain, 6 hours (~book time)

After two weeks, I finally installed the photos to the web. Previously they were confined to the iphone due to a gaiaGPS error. I am downloading a replacement version of gaiaGPS on the iphone to attempt to correct this.

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