Pawtuckaway State Park, NH

Lea and Matt Hansen, Dave Trumper, Fred Knight

On Saturday, we had a fun outing, without the usual long drive to the Whites, over a loop in Pawtuckaway State Park, which is east of Manchester (and <1.5 hrs from my house!). Dave Trumper guided us on a loop walk with a few special excursions off the established trail to some nice vistas. The forest is quite open, so bushwhacking has very few bushes and no whacking. There are lots of rock climbing opportunities on the route, a couple of nice ponds---one with a large beaver dam, two peaks (South at 908' and North at 1011'), some brief uphill climbs, an easy trail, and at least one porcupine (who hurried away from us). We lunched above Boulder Trail and had a summit treat from Matt and Lea's private beer stock, which Lea was said to have carried "lady-like" so it was in good condition as shown in the final pic on North Peak. Conditions were very nice: temps in the 30s, little wind, okay traction with bare boots or microspikes, not quite enough snow but enough for wintery vistas, and easy trails throughout. We all arrived promptly, but not early, at the prescribed time off Reservation Rd at the north side of the Park. We saw few other groups and some ice fishers. See all the pics here. (no dualing Nikons (Matt’s D8000 vs Dave’s D800), only Fred’s Sony NEX-6)

Summary: ~7 miles, 5:15 including long lunch and afternoon treat,

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