Overnight at Top of Liberty Springs

I did an overnight at the top of Liberty Springs Trail, at the same location of 2013. Richard and I had breakfast together, before I realized I had forgotten my boots. After doing an extra round trip to Wayland and back because I forgot my boots, I started at 12:38. The hike up took 3+ hours, and I passed many people coming down on my trip up. One adventurous couple had parked at the Basin, come up Falling Waters, slogged across the ridge, and then hiked down Liberty Springs. Ridge was a bear they said. I just tramped through a little snow at the top to find a place to dig a tent hole. There was 4′ of snow. Using my new shovel, I dug down to near the ground, put the tarp over held by lines and snow, and ran out of light. I realized afterward that I could have made a 2.5′ high tunnel, which would have eliminated the need for the blue tarp. I made a bed and got into my inner parka and bag bottom. Not hungry, so just got into bed. Cool in the first part of the night. Then I made sure the Tyvek was really covering me and got warmer. Slept continuously from 11-4:30. Finally got up at 5:30 and tramped up the hill to Mt Liberty for the sunrise. Came back to camp, cooked breakfast of MountainHouse spaghetti, repacked, and took 2.5 hours back to the car.

Day 1 (Sunday, 13 Jan 2019): See first day’s adventure on gaiagps, ending with snow shoveling.
Day 2: See the Second Day Pics, including these panoramas before and at sunrise from Mt Liberty.
Before Sunrise (from Franconia Ridge around 180 degrees)
At Sunrise

Summary: ~7 miles, overnight just below Mt Liberty

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