One President on One Day
(Not the Planned 2-day Presidential Traverse)
Steve Sawyer, Steve Smith, James Streitman, Chuck Wynn, Fred Knight

See the Full Report.


The response to the proposal for a 2-day Presidential Traverse was exhilarating. Day 1 of the hike as planned (yellow on map) was the start of a two-day traverse of the Presidentials with a camp at Sphinx Col, but the weather did not cooperate. We managed one peak, Mt Madison, and part of Mt Adams before rain and lightning forced a retreat (purple track on map). We ended back where we started, at Appalacia Trailhead (below), well into the evening.

As Steve put it on the drive home, “All ok. Glorious day. Driven off ridge by t-storm, hail, lightning. Retreat. En rt back to Boston now. Been hiking 9 to 9, completely exhausted. Long periods in torrential downpours, staying low. But before 1400, PERFECT weather, views. Lots of photos.”

Summary: ~10 miles over 11 hours, ~5000 elevation rise to Mt Madison and 3 of us most of Mt Adams.
–Fred (aka tarpman)

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