North and South Kinsman

Richard Bissonette, Scott Stuart, and I started from the Lafayette Camp Ground and did North and South Kinsman. The day was cool (single digits) and windy (lots of early gusts but good protection), but the conditions throughout the hike were gorgeous. We had clear skies, and wind on top was not even an issue. A few tidbits.

  • After the drive north, we had a hearty breakfast at Flapjack’s in Lincoln per Richard’s formula. I also ate oatmeal at home, so I was well fortified.
  • The parking was almost full, and we got going at 8:22. Lots of wind, so we expected even more on top. The direction from the west meant that the hike up was well protected.
  • We crossed Lonesome Lake and joined the Fishin’ Jimmie Trail. There are three steep sections to get us up to the Kinsman Pond shelter. We kept going to North Kinsman and then decided to continue on the South Kinsman, which we reached about 12:30.
  • On the way back to North Kinsman, I needed some energy, so we stopped for food and drink. We had passed two large groups and many pairs and trios. Lots of hikers. The trail was trampled everywhere, and Scott and I used microspikes throughout. Richard put on his crampons for the Fishin’ Jimmie Trail. Very slow going for me coming down those steep sections.
  • We stopped at Lonesome Pond Hut on the way back. Scott was 15 minutes ahead by then. Quite a crowd inside the Hut.
  • On the way down to the trailhead, my knees really hurt—not good. Scott suggested some ibuprofen, which helped, but I had a glacial pace on the way down from Lonesome Lake. Rats!
  • My gaiagps only captured part of the hike because my phone ran out of juice. I forgot to turn on airplane mode, but I thought the spare battery would recharge, as it had in my room-temperature tests at home. No dice. However, I left the external battery attached and the phone was 80% charged when we reached the trailhead. Hmm?

Summary: ~10 miles, ~3500′ elevation, 7 hours, clear and cool, easy trail

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