Mt Percival Mt Morgan

Team: Chris and Hazel Cyr, Jeff Grace, Pierre and Yolin DuBois, Scott Stuart, Fred Knight

Atop (almost) Mt Percival.

We met at the Mt Morgan Trailhead but failed to recognize each other for a bit. After introductions, we decided on a route to allow a split for either a shorter hike (~ 5 miles) or a longer one including part of the Squam Range ridge walk. We reached Mt Percival (2.3 miles) in under 2 hours. The views of Squam Lake were partially obscured by haze but still gorgeous. Likewise at Mt Morgan, the haze was still present. After descent to the trail junction with the ridge walk to Mt Livermore, we all decided to do part of the unbroken ridge trail with two snowshoers in the lead. We reached Mt Webster without any further vistas and turned back. The remainder of the hike took 1.5 hours to backtrack and descend.

gaiaGPS report is here.

Scott’s photos are here.

Summary: 5 hours and a little more than 7 miles with 1600′ ascent. Nice hike with a fun team.

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