Mt Moosilauke

At the Glencliff trailhead, there were six of us—Katherine Rosenfeld, Scott, Meg, Jasper, and Keith Stuart, and me—and, after getting to Mt Moosilauke in the clouds, we all got back together at the end. A good hike of about 6 hours but not up to my expectations for clear weather, snow-free trail, and temperatures in the low 20s. Instead, we got completely overcast skies, an ice layer with up to 4″ of snow on top, and temperatures near freezing. And I neglected to bring my microspikes! My scouting on the NWS web sites 2 days earlier led to the wrong conclusions. We had a good hike.

Charlie Abert showed up at the Forbes Road rendezvous with a severe cold and begged off. We had my van and Staurt’s car and arrived close together around 8am and got going about 8:30. The trail is quite smooth rising slowly at first, then with two steeper sections and a flat section in between. Ice started at 2000′ and the snow got deeper as we reached the South Peak in about 2.5 hours. After a break, we decided on going to main peak instead of the circle down the Carriage Road and the Hurricane Trail. No views at the summit, but not too much wind either. See the pics.

On the way down, the boys and Katherine took the lead, and I lagged far behind, picking my way on rocks to avoid slipping. I took a few falls, but we gathered again at 3000′ at about 1:30. Below that elevation things got easier for me with very little ice. Then the skies cleared, and we could see the snow-capped peak against the blue sky—no doubt some nice views.

7.8 miles, 3500′ elevation rise, 5:40, near book time.

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