Mt Monadnock Solo

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The day was near freezing and windy at the top. The ascent took 2.75 hours up a route I had not taken before: Cascade Link to Spellman to Pempelly. I was preceeded by a snowshoer and a barebooter in the fresh snow. Wore snowshoes most of the way. Some drifts up to mid thigh. Nearing the top the wind picked up but was manageable throughout.

I tried to find the Smith Summit Trail for the descent, but I ended up on White Arrow, which Mike Pineault and I did a few weeks ago. In fact the route down was very similar to that hike; wihtout Fairy Spring but with (an unintentional) excursion to Cliff Walk. Temperature increased to just above freezing on the way down.

Summary: ~6 miles over 5.75 hours at Mt Monadnock, up Cascade Link, Spellman, and Pempelly, down White Arrow, Thoreau, and Lost Farm.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

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