Mt. Liberty Overnight

Steve Sawyer, Richard Bissonnette, Mike Willett, Mike Pineault, Scott Stuart, and Fred Knight

Sunrise from Mt Liberty, looking SE toward Mt Flume

We did a 23-hour hike up and down the Liberty Spring Trail with sleep in between at our campsite near the junction with Franconia Ridge Trail. We camped just below the Mt. Liberty Summit to allow easy access to good views of the sunset at 5:24pm and the sunrise at 6:33 am. Everybody made it to the sunset after setting up camp and to the sunrise after arising early. The long sleep in between was warm for all, with temperatures in 20s.

Hikers Posing (click on pic for better view; click again for enlargement)
Mike P Mike W Steve Scott Richard Fred

Lots of pictures. Steve’s are here, including rabbit fur hat. Scott’s are here. My GPS track is here with more pics also.

We established an itinerary that did not require very early departure. After drives north, we met at Annie’s Overflow in Plymouth, NH at 9am. Everybody, except Mike W. who had the kilbasa special, ordered some variety of Eggs Benedict. After a short drive, we got going at 11am. The under-4hr hike to the campsite was a drain for me. We all made it.

I took a video of the campsite during the morning breakdown. We had 3 tents and 3 bivvies.

The sunrise was against a few low lying clouds.

Summary: 2 days, 8.2 miles, 3300′ elevation rise, overnight near Mt Liberty

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