Mt Garfield With Gale River Overnight

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mapThe hike was a return to Tarpy’s namesake and a repeat of a summer hike with my son-in-law Jason Shelkowitz. With a cozy overnight at the junction of the Garfield Ridge and Gale River Trails, the two-day hike had both easy and grueling parts. The hike up Garfield Trail was the easy part, as I reached the Garfield Ridge Trail after 3.5 hours, well under book time on a well-trampled trail. The grueling part was the up-and-down Garfield Ridge Trail—2.1 miles in about 2 hours—using a single previous hiker’s footsteps. Overall, it was a fun hike, with some other contrasts noted below.

Summary: ~15 miles over 24 hours, 3600 elevation rise to Mt Garfield and then the up and down of Garfield Ridge, cozy sleepover at Garfield Ridge/Gale River junction
–Fred (aka tarpman)

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