Mt. Audubon

Mt Audubon out of Ward, CO, Mark Ostrom and Fred Knight
Mark and I got up early, started hiking at 6:15 am before 6:30 sunrise, and reached the peak a little after 9am.  My highest hike in CO, 13,200′.

Map Mark on the top

A few more pics here. The sun wasn’t out and the peak had temperatures in the early 40s, so we sat in one of the wind shelters on top.  After lunch, we hiked back.  A few good vistas but not like the lower elevation hikes in RMNP out of Bear Lake.  Even though it’s a longer drive to Bear Lake, the hikes starting there offer gorgeous views of lakes and mountains.

Summary: 7.7 miles, 2700′ elevation gain, 5.5 hours

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