Moosilauke via Beaver Brook

Jay Bearfield, Scott Stuart, and I (trailing the leaders) had a good hike up Beaver Brook (once we found the trail), past Mt. Blue, and up to windy Mt. Moosilauke. Once we broke treeline, the wind and cold were not inviting, but until the end the wind was not a factor.  The day started well above freezing, but the temperature dropped during the day. We got less than an inch of snow. Hiking conditions were superb; footing okay with microspikes (used throughout); skies mostly cloudy. Saw a few other hikers; some with snowshoes. No crampons necessary. We forgave Jay for leading us astray at the beginning. Luckily Scott and Jay waited for me periodically. Jean-Marc and Richard did the same on Sunday.  Good luck, guys.  From Richard’s message, sounds like they had similar conditions:

Jean-Marc and I did the same hike on Sunday.  A couple short stops at the beginning to access where someone went off trail the day before. Could that have been?
Starting temp. was  below freezing  and got worse.  Good firm monorail.  Snow pack high (too high for me with those pesky tree branches).  Just over half way, Dally got sick (Jean-Marc’s dog) and they had to descend.  I pushed on to the summit meeting up with a guy we met in the parking lot as he just dropped below tree line.  Full battle gear was required on the ridge.  The wind and cold was brutal even for me.  The idea of shooting for south peak vanished as the wind gusts knocked me around.   Looking forward for another hike next weekend.  Regards,
Richard Bissonnette

Here’s a trip report. Oh yes, my external battery kept my phone charged. Good.

Summary: ~7.6 miles, 6 hours, 3033′ elevation gain

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