Monadnock via White Cross

Charlie “Beef” Abert and Fred “Tarpy” Knight
Round trip via White Cross Trail
Pics: Just click twice for more detail.

Fred in Action Charlie posing Fred posing
White Cross Vista Charlie on White Cross Charlie at summit
Charlie still posing Fred still posing Fred still posing more

We chose an 8am rendezvous at Forbes Road and started from the Poole Rd parking lot at 9:45am. We reached the summit after 2.25 hrs. The trail had very little ice; going was easy. I used microspikes from start to finish, but Charlie changed to crampons partway up on White Cross. The wind increased after the junction with White Dot and got ferocious near the summit. Our estimates were 35 mph, but other hikers thought that was an underestimate. Blowing snow was quite nasty in a couple places near the summit. Our estimates of wind speed increased after we got back down, indicating our desire to exaggerate the actual conditions. Then there was the playing of the Mt Everest Story on the way to and from the peak that resulted in Beef’s final characterization of the challenging conditions:

My data as per our climb today as follows (just downloaded)
Summary: Epic
Mountain: K2
Climbers: Tarpy & Beef
Elevation gain from sea level trek inland from Indian Ocean: 8000 meters +
Oxygen systems utilized: Not needed due to vast lung capacity
Route: Abruzzi Spur
Rope utilized: Not needed due to skill
Food utilized: MRE’s (Chicken with rice) Liquid: Guinness
ET: From sea level to summit and return to ship (via Baltoro Glacier) 3 hours
Gear: Shirt, jacket, wind pants, goggles, gloves, hat. Crampons not needed therefore MicroSpikes utilized.
Wind speed @ summit: Approx 229 MPH (a bit below Mount Washington record)

Actual Summary: 3.5 hours, ~5 miles

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