Local (flatland) Hikes

Over the past week plus, I’ve done local hikes of 9, 10, 8, 7, and 9.5 miles. Here are write-ups on gaiaGPS.com.

26 Mar 2020 on Paine Estate, including new trails I’ve never been on

27 Mar 2020 on Millbrook and Weston woods, back along Rail Trail

28 Mar 2020 east on Aquaduct, Weston trails, Wayland Hills, and Mainstone

30 Mar 2020 to Lincoln woods from Rte 117 and circling Walden Pond

4 Apr 2020 to Weston woods and back along Rail Trail

And more at gaiaGPS.com on many dates, e.g., 7 Apr 2020’s hike

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