Mt. Lafayette via Old Bridle Path RT

Mt. Lafayette above treeline (Scan from Greenleaf Hut to peak)

Charles Abert, Frederick Knight, Richard Bissonnette (up Falling Waters)

This is essentially the write-up from the gaiaGPS post. (Click for map and pics)

Charlie and I met at Forbes Road, stopped at McDonalds at Exit 20 per Charlie’s request, missed Richard by 30 minutes, and chose to avoid Falling Waters Trail due to Charlie’s expectation of swollen streams. Richard took Falling Waters and was ahead of us. The temperature was rising through the hike, but the the trail was quite good, no post-holes, good monorail. After Greenleaf Hut, the melting above tree line allowed us to skirt most of the remaining icy patches. Microspikes worked fine all the way, although I carried both snowshoes and crampons. At the Lafayette summit we met hikers who came up Falling Waters without issue. However, Charlie wanted to avoid it going down, so we headed back down to the hut from the summit. The peak was socked in, but clearing was evident on the descent to the hut. Richard caught up to us in the descent above the hut, and we were essentially together on the way down. By the time we reached the parking lot, the temperature was in the late 60s. The day cleared to bright sun, with the ridge open—quite a change from our stay (see pics). A good hike, just above book time..

Summary: ~7.5 miles, RT on Old Bridle Path to Mt Lafayette, 5.75 hrs, 3300′ elevation rise.

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