Kinsman Overnight (The annual?)

Fred Knight, solo

I wanted to hike North and South Kinsman with an overnight, just like last year and the one a few years ago with Chuck, Matt, Lea, and Ravi. It was another satisfying adventure with a few differences. Although there were similar snow conditions, it was colder (probably -10 deg F or colder at night). I avoided the hut and built a snow fort in the early afternoon and had my sleeping system down pat. I did North and South Kinsman on the first day and just hiked the 2.5 hours out in the morning. The evening meal was piping hot (Ramen and sausage, like Mike’s fare from last week), but the stove wouldn’t light in the morning (frozen orifice?). Luckily, I kept by egg tortilla in the sleeping bag, so it was at room temp—but not hot.

See pics here.

bivy in place
The night went pretty well, but I was not completely cozy. The snow fort kept almost all of me cozy warm, but the bag opening at the top was a little leaky. Stuffing my mittens at my shoulders helped, but I have to add a wider collar or use my Frostline bag, whose drawstring holds better, instead of the NeverSummer bag. I did fine and didn’t want to get up in the morning due to being pretty comfortable. The wind picked up in funny gusts during the night: perfect calm then a single blast many times over. The fort remained tight except my tarp came off so on my second call of nature I tied it to a tree. I’ll have to measure where the wind comes from and do a little more guying of the tarp. I might also make a longer fort to protect my head more or modify the bivy to close its opening or use a small tent (heavens!) inside the snow walls. I am thinking of these couple small improvements, but I really like the system. Tarpy likes it!


~11 miles, two peaks (North and South Kinsman), overnight in snow fort.

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