Jewell Trail

Richard Bissonnette, Mike Willett, Jeff Pray, Fred Knight

Fred, Mike, Richard Jeff

Using my new maxim of eating two breakfasts, I ate at home and drove to Flapjack’s to meet Richard, Mike, and Jeff for the second breakfast. We headed to the Marshfield Station Road, which was mostly bare and paid the $10/car to park right at the station. Getting going around 8:40, we immediately aborted and returned to the cars to get our snowshoes, as the trail was obviously soft with still 3′ to 4′ of snow. We wore the snowshoes throughout the hike. The Jewell Trail (previous to Mt Jefferson and in 2012 also to Mt Jefferson) was nice for snowshoes and has the gentle slope after rising from the station and crossing the footbridge. We reached treeline about noon and then meandered our way up the Gulfside Trail. The views were their usual spectacular above treeline until we got into clouds. It was apparent that either Washington or Jefferson would not afford any views. I had been challenged enough. Coming back down was slow until we reached treeline again. The temperature held near freezing, and the few sunny areas had a crust with very pleasant walking all the way. Mike and Jeff enhanced our recall with nice pics.

See all Mike’s and Jeff’s pics here—lots of smiles, good vistas, selfies, and kissing the Blarney Cairn.

Summary: 6:20 hours, ~7 miles, 2900′ elevation rise, all snowshoes

Jeff’s Pics: Just click twice for more detail.

Heading Up A break A second break
Still lots of snow Toward Eisenhower …and the valley
Jeff’s selfie Above treeline Jewell Trail below
Trail Above Treeline At Gulfside Trail Heading Down
Mike Posing with Hat Clouds Descending Some Still Above Treeline

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