Melanie and Eric’s Wedding

Melanie Knight and Eric Carlsen got married in a splendid ceremony on Lake Messalonskee at the New England Music Camp. The entire weekend was filled with events, including staying in cabins, swimming and boating on the lake, walks in the woods, and socializing. Just a few formal pictures are here of the many taken.

And here are the ‘appy couple.


Melanie’s Wedding Shower

Here are some pics from Melanie’s wedding shower. The atmosphere was festive. Melanie opened gifts. Sweet!Mel

Sue and Tom’s 40th Anniversary

Lots of happy times at Sue and Tom’s 40th wedding anniversary, hosted by Victoria and Catherine. See all the pictures here and 4 videos:
More Surprise:

Snowy Day in Maine

Here is a movie of the day’s activities.

New Year’s Greetings from the Knights


There are many pictures posted for viewing. Just click to see the catalog.

Melanie, 28, is enjoying her job as a speech-language pathologist at the Perkins School. She and fiance Eric Carlsen plan a 2016 wedding in Maine.

Emily, 33, joined the Boston Magazine as a marketing manager. She gets to enjoy the urban delights of Boston where she lives and is swimming hard.

Celia, 37, is still teaching art in Acton. She and Jason Shelkowitz have two gorgeous daughters. Shelly, 3.6 years, is a talkative wonder to us all. Olive, 11 months, is a smiler who delights us.

Ann, 64, is counting down to retirement in ten months. She is busy until then with a myriad of Wayland Library activities, with keeping up with Shelly and Olive, and with shepherding the family.

Fred, 65, is working for awhile longer and is very happy building things for the house in Maine and enjoying the family.

All our best to you in 2016.

Melanie and Eric are engaged!

Eric planned an extraordinary event for proposing to Melanie.  The main event was actually renting the movie theater in Farmington, which was, instead, portrayed to Mel as a location for a regular showing of a favorite movie of hers, Titanic.  Eric completely surprised Mel when the movie quickly morphed into quite another event featuring the proposal.  Melsen was actually in the dark theater filming the entire event.  Afterward, Melsen and Nicole appeared, but said they were going to a party and had to leave.  Eric had arranged the elaborate staging, constructed the full-screen video, and orchestrated not only the theater proposal but also a family gathering, and an evening dinner with Mel. MelEric

Then the happy couple drove back to Beaver Brook—where the entire clan was waiting, including Melsen and Nicole, to celebrate altogether—yet another complete surprise for Mel. And here is a movie of their arrival back from the movie theater. Congratulations, Mel and Eric!

Emily’s New Job at Boston Magazine

See the Marketing section on the masthead below:


Catherine-Craig Wedding

Here are some photos from the fabulous wedding. Also, a few from the wedding shower. And, a good video of wild dancing.

Celia’s Acton Library Show

Simultaneous Universes, by Celia Knight
Sculpture by Celia Knight

2015 July 7 – August 28

Carlisle-based artist and Gates Elementary School art teacher Celia Knight will exhibit her multimedia works in the library Meeting Room Gallery during the months of July and August.celia

Celia Knight says of her work: “…My work is based on imaginary universes coexisting simultaneously with our own. Developing my own concept of the natural world through artistic creation has always been more intriguing to me than studying it scientifically. Through art-making, I investigate the relationship between nature and imagination, and come to a deeper understanding of the world around me. As my creative process develops, each artwork comes to life in my imagination and a distinct evolutionary narrative begins to form. Through a combination of observation and imagination, I create work that I hope inspires viewers to examine the natural world more carefully and open their minds to new possibilities.”

An artist’s reception was held on Tuesday, 14 July 2015, from 5 to 7 p.m.

See all the art here.

Mark’s 535-point Scrabble score

Mark scores 535 in Scrabble! 3 bingos: 2 bingos in a row (PARENTS and TROWELED) and then a triple-triple bingo (TASTINGS). Final score: 535-292. Pics of game board and the smiling winner are here