Christmas 2019

Season’s Greetings!

There are many pictures posted for viewing; see selections below or click on the link.

Daddy and enthusiastic Miles
Miles Arthur Carlsen With Parents, Mel and Eric
Jay. Celia, Olive, and Shelly
Nora, Joe, Dave, and Emily

There are many pictures posted for viewing. Just click to see the catalog.

Melanie, 32, and Eric, 34, welcomed Miles Arthur Carlsen, 0.4, in August 2019. Miles is a charmer, is growing fast, and is a big smiler. Melanie, who returned to her job as a speech language pathologist at the Perkins School, and Eric, who is lead animator at Northern Light Productions, bought their new home in Maynard in June 2019. Miles is a real beauty.

Emily, 37, and Dave Faulkner had another busy year. Emily continued as Director of Events Marketing at Boston Magazine. Dave joined the Fulham Group as Culinary Innovation Director. Emily and Dave live in Reading, MA. Dave’s daughter Nora is now in her first college year at U Mass Lowell, and son Joe is a junior at Reading High School.

Celia, 41, continues to teach art at Gates Elementary School in Acton. She and Jason Shelkowitz, who teaches music at Sargent Elementary School, have two delightful daughters. Shelly, 7.5 years, is engaging and inquisitive. Olive, almost 5 years, is charming and growing up too fast.

Ann, 68, loves retirement, reads continually, and manages our family activities. She rejoined the First Parish Choir, is now walking everyday, and loves rocking with her new grandson.

Fred, 69, still works part-time at Lincoln Lab after his retirement in April 2017. He is still enjoying swimming, hiking, and buying useful woodworking equipment. Ann and I love being near our family.

All our best to you in 2020.

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