Wood Shed

The completed wood shed with about 1.5 cord of wood piled by family slaves.

I built a wood shed on the side of the garage at the Beaver Brook camp in the spring of 2019. The large movie shows the phases of construction. A few tidbits. I used two portions of the old deck for the floor. The new construction consisted of a roof held up by 4×4 posts on concrete piers just sitting on the ground. The ledger board for the roof joists was screwed into the garage studs after I removed the clapboards. I added a plywood roof that was under the clapboard and covered with ice shield and shingles. The ledger also had plastic rain guard flashing on top (2″ under clapboard) and bottom (2″ under ledger). Length is 12′. so there are three 4′ bays with the third partially covered at its base by rocks. The roof has 1-in-12 pitch and is 8′ on slope, so plywood sheets do not need cutting and 40″-wide ice shield can overlap and extend up the garage wall. I bought a Paslode framing nailer that worked well. On the sides, I used old pipe that I found in the yard behind the garage. Before the camp’s well was installed, the pipe extended into the lake as a feed for gray water. The materials were from Hammond Lumber, probably $800, but I did not keep track of expenses.

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