Beaver Brook Culvert Install

New culvert (same 12″ diameter but deeper for better drainage and good stability for vehicle traffic) was installed on 7 May 2019.

Before, Looking South After, Looking South

As to the current situation with the culvert, I took a few pictures pre-install and post-install and posted them here.   The culvert is pierced on the lake side of the road (under the board). The pool exists on the land side of the road, but the water is flowing freely but slowly to the lake under the road. It seems like the considerations are:

  • Make the road passable (for heavy vehicles) for the 12 camps beyond the culvert
  • Not undermine Godomsky’s and West’s properties. The pool away from the lake and the water passage under the road are between these two properties.
  • Not affect the pond adversely
  • Get the repair done as soon as possible.

Summary: Culvert replaced between Lot #27 and Lot #28 Beaver Brook Estates

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