Christmas 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year!

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Melanie, 31, continues as a speech-language pathologist at the Perkins School. She and husband Eric Carlsen, who does video animatation at Northern Light Productions, are living with us with house hunting on the horizon.

Emily, 36, married Dave Faulkner in a ceremony in Madeira (a great destination for a wedding!) in April 2018. Emily was promoted to Director of Events Marketing at Boston Magazine, where she received the inaugural Big Brain Award. Dave is executive chef for the State Street Bank. Emily and Dave live in Reading, MA with Dave’s two fantastic teenagers, Nora and Joe, whom we are very much enjoying as members of the family.

Celia, 40, continues to teach art at Gates Elementary School in Acton. She and Jason Shelkowitz, who teaches music at Sargent Elementary School, have two delightful daughters. Shelly, 6.5 years, is engaging and inquisitive. Olive, almost 4 years, is charming and growing up too fast.

Ann, 67, loves retirement, reads continually, and manages our family activities. She kept our contractor on track in the recent remodeling job.

Fred, 68, works part-time at Lincoln Lab after his retirement in April 2017. He is still enjoying swimming and hiking. Ann and I love being near our family.

All our best to you in 2019.