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Structural Engineering for Proposed Garage Modification

I need a structural engineer to detail and certify a modification of a garage with trusses. Here are the sketches. The idea is to put two flow-through dormer pairs in the second story of the garage, which has an existing apartment. The trusses need to be accounted for, but the sketch I saw on line seems to be a good method. I am still looking for an engineer to detail and certify the plan.  Also, I am considering the alternative of one pair of shed dormers, if feasible, and, in addition, a deck in front, and a telescope pier from the garage concrete level for stability.

Please see the other charts for general plan.  I added more detail on charts 4-6.  My idea is to retain the truss bracing outside the existing room on the second floor, but to replace the roof part of the truss.  Thus, new windows would be above the existing knee wall.  This will require bracing.  My main concerns are whether this is possible and whether there is any way to make other modifications to eliminate the portion of the truss external to the existing knee wall.  If this is possible, then there could even be a deck extended out from the existing room.  I also want to consider one shed dormer on each side instead of two.  I also want to consider a telescope pier that would extend from the concrete slab to the roof.

I am looking for engineering details and a plan.  What is required for the basic approach and what is required for the options?  To be specific, I am interested in the following.  If you are interested, can you give me some notes on jobs similar to ours or estimate time required for the following?
  1. Idea #1: Two sets of dormers with flat ceiling, each 10′ wide, existing knee wall extended upward.
  2. Idea #2: One set of 20′-24′-wide shed dormers, front and back
  3. Option #1: Extend floor beyond current knee walls, which I presume requires significant truss bracing
  4. Option #2: add front (lake-side) deck
  5. Option #3: add telescope pier for 11″ celestron, equatorial or alt-azimuth mount