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Igloo Today!

3-day weekend event capped with Monday’s Igloo build.

Friday night, 10 Feb 2017
Forecast deteriorates. Abort Sunday’s planned hike of Flume Slide and Liberty Spring trails. (Matt said it was a good decision as Lea and his drive to Vermont was slow.)

Saturday, 11 Feb 2017
new tires on Prius V, then played with Shelly and Olive.

Sunday, 12 Feb 2017
4-hour walk around Wayland, with intermittent snow. Then lots of snow late and over night.

Monday, 13 Feb 2017
5:30 am: It snowed heavily, probably 10″, on Saturday and Sunday. Monday dawned with a further dusting. Why not make an igloo using the grandshelters Ice Box kit?.

6:30 am: Except for the forecast wind, the conditions are right to use my igloo kit to make an igloo in the yard. We have enough snow, and it’s wet snow—good for the igloo. We’re sheltered enough to not have the wind be a problem, I think. I need help, at least a second person. If anybody is interested in braving the conditions to get to Wayland (Jon, Emily, Maren, and Luke excepted since the journey from 8 to 10 Trinity Place is short), I am going to try whenever I have a partner.

6:36, Melanie: Looks fun, Dad!! I wish we could help, but Eric and I are both headed in to work. 🙁

9:35, Emily: Dave’s suggestion : “You should start a publication with that name…Igloo Today.”

10:01: readership will vroom—once i post the pictures. i am ready to build. any takers? dad

1:05: We had the neighborhood kids for awhile but intrepid Jon was the only stalwart. Time for a break after 3 hours. We might finish…before dark. How to get from inside to outside is a problem. That’s why 2 are required, but the inside person still has to survive until the job is done. We’ll see what happens.

1:30: Solo work. tiers 4-6. Cut hole in base to crawl in and out. Kids visited one more time. Still no top. Routine is go outside and throw snow inside, then crawl in and use snow for more blocks. Repeat.

3:00: Jon returns—just what I need encouragement and help. I go inside with form; Jon shovels snow. A few difficulties with alignment and cracks, but progress continues through 6th tier. Then, as in instructions, remove the outer panel and end plate. Jon piles snow on top. I pack. It works! Final crest, 7th tier, I hold inner panel at top and Jon piles snow.

4:05: Igloo completed in elapsed time of 6 hours. Definitely a team effort. Neighborhood kids worked packing and shoveling for awhile. Jon had two important stints as Shoveler and Former. I managed to build alone after cutting a door in the base and throwing snow over the growing walls to load the form from the inside. A massive structure, 10′ in diameter. Finished product shown.

5:00: load the sleeping gear. Cocoon of Tyvec, and nested bags. Cardboard boxes to close off door.

7:15: Ready for bed in pajamas and down slippers. Add down quilt and pillow.

5:50am, next morning: 13 deg F outside this morning—and cozy inside. I did load up on the bedding since I wasn’t hiking very far to get to the igloo camp, but I slept from 7pm to 5:30am in extreme comfort, with only one call of nature in between. (The cardboard on the floor blocked the door at night.) 6 hours of work and, voila, you have a bedroom for 3. Any takers? Reservations required.


Some Fun Pics of Late 2016 and early 2017

I sent a few pics from the past six months to the Grammys. See them here.