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Snowy Day in Maine

Here is a movie of the day’s activities.

New Year’s Greetings from the Knights


There are many pictures posted for viewing. Just click to see the catalog.

Melanie, 28, is enjoying her job as a speech-language pathologist at the Perkins School. She and fiance Eric Carlsen plan a 2016 wedding in Maine.

Emily, 33, joined the Boston Magazine as a marketing manager. She gets to enjoy the urban delights of Boston where she lives and is swimming hard.

Celia, 37, is still teaching art in Acton. She and Jason Shelkowitz have two gorgeous daughters. Shelly, 3.6 years, is a talkative wonder to us all. Olive, 11 months, is a smiler who delights us.

Ann, 64, is counting down to retirement in ten months. She is busy until then with a myriad of Wayland Library activities, with keeping up with Shelly and Olive, and with shepherding the family.

Fred, 65, is working for awhile longer and is very happy building things for the house in Maine and enjoying the family.

All our best to you in 2016.