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Melanie and Eric are engaged!

Eric planned an extraordinary event for proposing to Melanie.  The main event was actually renting the movie theater in Farmington, which was, instead, portrayed to Mel as a location for a regular showing of a favorite movie of hers, Titanic.  Eric completely surprised Mel when the movie quickly morphed into quite another event featuring the proposal.  Melsen was actually in the dark theater filming the entire event.  Afterward, Melsen and Nicole appeared, but said they were going to a party and had to leave.  Eric had arranged the elaborate staging, constructed the full-screen video, and orchestrated not only the theater proposal but also a family gathering, and an evening dinner with Mel. MelEric

Then the happy couple drove back to Beaver Brook—where the entire clan was waiting, including Melsen and Nicole, to celebrate altogether—yet another complete surprise for Mel. And here is a movie of their arrival back from the movie theater. Congratulations, Mel and Eric!

Emily’s New Job at Boston Magazine

See the Marketing section on the masthead below: