Cannon Mtn via Hi-Cannon/Kinsman Ridge/Lonesome Lake

vista Scott, on his 48th birthday, and Fred did Cannon Mtn., up via Hi-Cannon and Kinsman Ridge Trails, then down to Lonesome Lake. The weather was as predicted: cool and stupendously clear. We used snow shoes most of the way up and snowshoes and butt slides on the way down to Lonesome Lake. The steepest section of Kinsman Ridge Trail below Cannon was quick; I was not on my feet. After the sliding, the trail got manageable with snowshoes again. Then, after Lonesome Lake junction, we used microspikes back to car. Fuller report at

I managed to get my aux battery to recharge my phone on the hike by keeping the battery warm next to my leg and the phone connected. At first, with the battery cooler, it did NOT charge. Formula is keep the battery warm and the phone plugged in to the battery via a long cord. Thus, I recorded the entire hike and still had significant charge. I did remember to enter Airplane mode, which also helped.

Panorama toward Franconia Ridge from upper end of Hi-Cannon Trail with iphone’s pano mode

Summary: ~5.5 miles, 2300′ elevation, 5 hrs

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