Cannon Mt and Lonesome Lake
Lea Johnson, Matt Hansen, Fred Knight

Full Report here

See Matt’s pics in their full glory here.


We estimated a short day, so we slept in and left from Forbes Road when the sun was ready to peak up. Arriving at Lafayette Campground at 8:45, we took off at a little before 9—definitely not an alpine start. A short bit up the Lonesome Lake Trail, we took off up Hi-Cannon. It appeared to be raining, but as the drops got bigger, we realized that the rain was actually melting ice dripping off the trees. We met two other guys later on the ascent, and they were wetter than we were. And, for a taste, look at this movie.Panorama.

Summary: ~6 miles to Cannon Mt and Lonesome Lake, 2200′ elevation gain, 6 hrs (over book time!). Microspikes on well-packed trail; always below treeline.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

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