Mt. Passaconaway
2012 Jan 28
Fred Knight

View from the Mt Passaconaway Summit to the north, east, & SE
(from Mt. Washington to Chocorua to Lake Ossipee to Squam Range)

mapWith no takers for hiking companions and a forecast for a very windy Presidential Ridge, I abandoned the planned Mt Jefferson ascent and selected Mt Passaconaway (4043') for a solo hike. The drive up went well, so I made the sunrise on the Kancamagus Hwy, with some good views (see pics). Oh yes, I stopped for gas at Goodies in Lincoln, NH and mingled briefly with the locals who were gathered for ruminations. My moccasins elicited a few comments, but I indicated my prowess by reeling off my types of traction devices. They indicated a concern for my safety and said they'd watch for my return.

Overall, the hike was a challenge, well over book time, very gradual at the start and steep at the top. After 3.6 miles, the elevation is only 2400', so the climb is after that. I was bushed at the end, just as the new moon was setting. Great view from the peak toward the east and northeast, including Lake Ossipee, and before that to the south with Squam Lake and Lake Winnepausaukee. Nobody else on the trail until one other guy met me at the summit, he and his dog. On the way home, I stopped at Goodies again and reported to the clerk my safe return and that she should, please, convey it to the assemblage on Sunday morning. She said she would.

Some expectations that came true

Some unexpected items

Summary: 10 miles, 8.25 hours, 2800' elevation gain.

Expectations: Mt. Whiteface is the other peak in this area (Sandwich Range), which is more easily approached from the south.

--Fred (aka tarpman)

Sunrise Views from Kancamagus Hwy
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KancamagusSunrise KancamagusSunrise2

View from Walden Trail, South Toward Squam Lake and Lake Winnepausaukee EastPanorama

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Unbroken Trail
Unbroken Trail
Oliverian Brook Trail leads from the trailhead on Kancamagus Hwy to Passaconaway Cut-Off
First junction
First junction
Trail remains gradual here but disappears into woods and rises fast for 1200' after the second junction with the Square Ledge Trail.
The accoutered feet
The accoutered feet
Just enough fresh snow to use snow shoes to avoid sinking deeper
My tracks
My tracks
Higher up the crust grew more rigid
Near the Passacaonaway cutt-off junction, I found what appreared to be moose tracks---probably fresh.
Near the Passacaonaway cutt-off junction, I found what appreared to be moose tracks---probably fresh.
The broken patches
Fix needed due to leather rip from snowshoes