Christmas 2011
The Knight Family

The biggest event of the year was Emily and Anthony's wedding on 9-10-11, with everybody participating. We had friends and relatives enjoying a real celebration. And it's so pleasant to have the entire family nearby. Excitement continues, as we are looking forward to Celia and Jay's baby in May.

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Melanie, 24,, is now back home, completing prerequisites at Worcester State University, teaching swimming and administering the web site at Wayland Community Pool, and hanging with her many friends and her boyfriend. Mel plans to be working towards a master's degree in speech langauge pathology next year.
Emily, 29,, planned her own wedding and looked gorgeous in it. In the week before the wedding, she got a new job at Baker's Best Catering, which is closer to home in Framingham. Emily and Anthony Miller get to be close to both their families, and they are both leading busy lives.
Celia, 33,, and Jason Shelkowitz, 33, are both teaching. Celia continues to teach art in nearby Acton, and Jason is in his second full year teaching music in North Andover, MA. They are expecting a baby in May. Until then, their deck house in Carlisle gets continued attention.
Ann, 60,, had a big decade birthday in 2011, celebrated with family members at the MFA in Boston. She continues as the director of the Wayland Public Library, planning programs to make the library an activity center in town. Beginning to think about retirement (and travel!) in a few years.
Fred, 61,, remains at work at Lincoln Laboratory. Winter so far has been mild with a few nice hikes. See pictures and details at Last summer, Squam Lake was again idyllic. It's so groovy to have all three daughters close!Fred