Christmas 2010
The Knight Family

Pictured is Christmas Day at home in Wayland.
Status updates: Celia and Jason bought a house in nearby Carlisle, MA. Melanie is in her second year teaching and is starting to plan for graduate school. Emily and Anthony will be married in September. No big changes for Ann and Fred.

Melanie, 23,, is in her second year at Greenwich Country Day School as co-teacher in the first grade. She loves her job and enjoys being near friends in NYC. Mel plans to be back in school working towards a master's degree next year. Here is Mel (second from right) with Meg (Bergan) Keene, Celia, and Carly Burdick.
Emily, 28,, continues to work hard and extra long at the Liberty Hotel. Emily was promoted to Catering Sales Manager and was named Manager of the Year. Emily and Anthony Miller own a home in Framingham, close to Wayland. They are planning their wedding for 9-10-11.
Celia, 32,, and Jason Shelkowitz, 32, are pictured on the post-Thanksgiving hike on Mt. Tom. Celia continues to teach art in nearby Acton, and Jason is now teaching music at North Andover, MA. This summer they bought a deck house in Carlisle in June 2010 and have been busy making it into their home.
Ann, 59,, continues as the director of the Wayland Public Library, which suffered a catastrophic flood in the spring and was closed for four months. The lower level was renovated, and a celebration marked the Library's reopening in August. Her main interests remain family and books. Her book recommendations can be found at
Fred, 60,, is still working with vigor at Lincoln Laboratory. Winter camping was exhilarating, and the annual summer hike was to Glacier National Park, where we did 74 miles. The picture is from Gunsight Pass with Jason, Celia, Uncle Mark and cousin Kyle. See pictures and details at