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Post-Thanksgiving Hike on Mt Monadnock

atop Mt. Monadnock
Wind was stiff; temperatures were brisk atop Mt. Monadnock

Annual post-Thanksgiving hike: Full Report

The annual post-Thanksgiving Hike had an awesome group and saw a wide range of conditions on the hill. The hike took longer than I anticipated due to poor navigation on the way down. I thought we had started down White Cross, not White Arrow, which required a road walk on the Parker Trail at the end. The Spellman Trail on the way up got a little dicey, but donning microspikes (per Celia’s recommendation) was a good call in the middle of the steep part (see map). We ate lunch at the junction of Spellman and Pumpelly—a cold spot without a view. The peak was blustery and cold; I used my full mittens, balaclava, and goggles. Some chemical hand warmers aided others on the team. The way down on White Arrow had multiple steep sections with boulders but was not too icy. We reached Half-Way House location near 3pm and then slogged back another 2 miles in mild. uninspiring conditions.

Thanks to Grammy for minding Shelly and Olive and to Emily for a swimming event at Beede.

Summary: ~6 miles, 1700′ ascent, gorgeous clear day, high level of camaraderie. Great team.

Another Hike to Blueberry Hill and Roundtop

Beaver Pond from the abandoned beaver dam.

Took a well-traveled route in reverse: up Fawn Point and then bushwhack up Blueberry Hill, then along the road to Roundtop Trail, then back down via bushwhack along Beaver Brook, where I happened to meet Ann in the car, so I got a ride back down to camp.
Nice day near freezing with little snow on the trail. Snow is expected tomorrow, about 3″. Today was clear; barebooted the whole way; not too slippery. Crossed the Beaver Brook at the abandoned beaver dam, which is better than hopping on rocks.

Entire gaiaGPS log is here.

Summary: 3.5-hrs, 1100′ ascent.

Mt Liberty Mt Flume

Richard convinced me at breakfast that the Osseo Trial was long and the ladders would be dangerous, so we opted for Liberty Spring to Mt Liberty and over to Mt Flume with RT. The hike went well. The skies were clear—a gorgeous day. The temperature was 10 deg F at start (8:00) and rose to 30 deg F at the end (3:20). Except for initial roadwalk, I used microspikes the whole way. We met a few coming up Osseo, so the ladders were doable. Great views to all the Whites from the two peaks. We got to Mt Liberty in 2.5 hours and to Mt Flume in 4 hours. Total trip of 7:24 was over book time of 6:45. track.

My method of keeping the soles of my feet elevated from the boots by placing mole skin around the edges worked pretty well at keeping the blisters down. Richard even suggested cutting holes in my socks to further elevate the area where the blisters occur.

Summary: great day

Mt Pierce – Mt Eisenhower via Crawford Path

Richard and Fred started on Crawford Path and did Mt Pierce and Mt Eisenhower in ideal conditions: temperature in the 20s, a few inches of snow and lots of thin ice on the trails, and mostly clear skies with little wind and lots of bright sun. Here’s the link: