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Squam Range

Mt Cotton to (almost) Mt Morgan
Jasper, Heath, Scott Stuart, John Moores, Fred Knight
Black Friday.

Mt. Livermore Mt. Livermore

We had two cars and managed to communicate with intermittent cell phone coverage to orchestrate a one-way traverse of the Squam Range from SW to NE, similar to my previous one where I biked to Mt Livermore after leaving a car at Rattlesnake. After parking at the Cotton Trail head lot, we did Mt. Cotton at the start. The snow was a few inches deep, perfect for microspikes. After 5 hours, we unanimously decided to omit the jaunt up to Mt Morgan at the end. In between, we got great views of Squam. Everybody had microspikes, but the snow got to be a foot deep for the last couple miles, so the trail breakers (JD and Scott) got a workout. The sky was cloudless initially with temperatures starting at 5 deg F but rising to the balmy 20s.

Scott took some pictures as well.

~9 miles in 5.5 hours, clear skies and up to 12″ snow on the ground