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Mesa Trail

We weren’t prepared or adventurous enough to weather the new snow at the Continental Divide (or drive to Bear Lake where there is still 4′ of snow with a new 6″from last night and today), but it was a short drive to Chautauqua, where there was a manageable 6″ of new snow, and we had easy access to the Mesa Trail. After 8 weeks since my second knee surgery, I wanted to test my hiking ability on an easy trail. Mark and I had a 2-hour, 4.4-mile hike from Chautauqua to NCAR and back. The trail is even and slightly up hill for the first half, then pretty level; elevation gain is only ~600′.

Mark showed me Google pedometer, so I saved the route there.

A few more pics are here.

Summary: 4.4 miles, light snow, 2.25 hours, 600′ elevation gain.