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Mt Lafayette

Charlie Abert (aka Beef Jerky or Beef the Jerk or Beef)

Fred Knight (aka Tarpy)

Panorama N-to-S from Mt Lafayette
Presidentials farthest away. I think: Adams, Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower
Foreground left-to-right: North and South Twin, Guyot, West Bond, Bond, and Bond Cliff (hard to see)
Dark and closest is Owl’s Head.
Click once to get full field; click again to get higher resolution and pan across image.

Charlie responded to the invitation for a hike on what was forecast to be an idyllic day—and it was. The sky was perfectly clear and temperatures, starting in the 20s, rose to the 30s. As a result, the trail became mushy, with lots of slippery slopes—a little challenging but manageable with traction. We did not do the entire Old-Bridle Path-Franconia Ridge-Falling Waters loop like Steve and I did in January, but the conditions were much better—no ice to speak of, little wind even at the top, and smooth going. As a result, the hike was only five hours and twenty minutes, including a few breaks for eating and a good conversation with Pam, an avid 65-year-old hiker whom we met on the way down.


See all pictures here.

Here are the highlights.

  • Fred’s gentle cajoling to keep to our original plan of the loop did not convince Beef to abandon his commitment to a friend to hang cabinets at the end of the day. Hence, we just went up to Lafayette and back, omitting the ridge.
  • A calm summit after the 49-minute ascent from Greenleaf Hut. Views in every direction.
  • On the return on the Old Bridle Path, we met a solo hiker who was talkative. And what a hiker 65-year-old Pam was! Listen to this. 61 consecutive months with Presidential Traverses, including double traverses and bow ties (up Washington, north to Madison, south to Eisenhower, and back to Washington). Presidential traverses via moonlight. Up to 35 miles in one hike. 2:45 for Lafayette loop. Search and rescue volunteer. Her name is Pam from Thornton, NH. Wow!
  • Some of the conversation with Pam concerned Guy Waterman’s suicide in 2000 Feb, so I read this interesting account.
  • Fred did some butt sliding on the return when microspikes just wouldn’t hold. Lots of warmth from the sun in open areas.


~7 miles, 5:20, 3600′ elevation gain, clear and warm Friday with perfect conditions; just a little short (says Fred)