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Franconia Ridge
Steve Smith, Fred Knight
12 Jan 2014

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Steve and I had expectations of moderate temperatures, no deep snow, clearing skies, and lots of time to do the classic hike up Falling Waters, across Franconia Ridge from Mt Lincoln to Mt Lafayette, and back down Old Bridle Path. Instead, we were slowed by icy trails, endured a windy ridge with no views and granular snow, and arrived late back at the car, well past sunset. A thoroughly fun day! But ice on both ascent and descent. The ridge had almost no snow, either icy or bare ground with a few drifts in sheltered areas (not many of those!)

Map of the hike.
Full Report here.
movie of pics here.
A movie recorded on Mt Lincoln, before the Franconia Ridge walk.

Summary: 9.8 miles in 9 hours, ice everywhere on Falling Waters and Old Bridle Path and very little snow on the Franconia Ridge

Mt Monadnock

A 4-hour trip up Red Dot and Down White Dot
Steve Sawyer, Mike Gates, and Fred Knight

We took advantage of fresh snow, a broken trail, and clear skies and withstood wind at the top and temperatures starting near 0 deg F with warm gear for an enjoyable winter hike—up Red dot to Pempelly and then down via White Dot. Going was easy with microspikes all the way (and snowshoes and crampons remaining in our packs); trail was broken, even trampled most of the way down due to lots of traffic. Red Dot was fun with only a few hikers ahead of us, including a team of three that (they said) followed an errant early morning hiker off the Red Dot and back onto the trail further up. That excursion took us through some brush that was apparent to be classified “off trail” even in the snow. Other than the meander, the conditions were simply perfect. Wind and cold were completely manageable. Good times.

See pics here. (Editor’s note: only smartphone and pocket camera)

Summary: 4 hours, ~6 miles, up via Red Dot, then Pempelly to top, then down via White Dot.