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Mts Tom Field Willey
Steve Sawyer, Fred Knight

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mapmapThe hike was a monorail traverse of the three peaks with an ascent from Crawford Notch railroad station and a round trip return via the railroad bed. Lots of snow remaining at altitude; wore microspikes from just after start to just above the railroad tracks. (Left snowshoes in the car—a good choice.) We saw a moose on the drive near Twin Mountain and fed a Canadian jay on Mt Field.

The weather was pretty nice: clear skies all day with temperatures starting near freezing and rising to 43 at Mt Tom and 55 at Mt Willey for lunch in the sun. The trail was well packed, and we stuck to the monorail with only a few postholes. Soon breaking through will make it a challenge.

At Mt Willey, having enjoyed the trip so far and having made good time but not wanting to retrace our steps, Steve suggested returning via the railroad. We decended the steep (1500′) off Mt Willey, past the Ethan Pond Tr junction, to the Kedron Flume Trail. The Kedron Flume was a beauty with lots of water. Back at just before 3pm.

Summary: ~12.5 miles in 7.5 hours, 3900′ elevation rise to Mts Tom, Field, Willey, back via rail bed through Crawford Notch
–Fred (aka tarpman)

Mt Garfield With Gale River Overnight

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mapThe hike was a return to Tarpy’s namesake and a repeat of a summer hike with my son-in-law Jason Shelkowitz. With a cozy overnight at the junction of the Garfield Ridge and Gale River Trails, the two-day hike had both easy and grueling parts. The hike up Garfield Trail was the easy part, as I reached the Garfield Ridge Trail after 3.5 hours, well under book time on a well-trampled trail. The grueling part was the up-and-down Garfield Ridge Trail—2.1 miles in about 2 hours—using a single previous hiker’s footsteps. Overall, it was a fun hike, with some other contrasts noted below.

Summary: ~15 miles over 24 hours, 3600 elevation rise to Mt Garfield and then the up and down of Garfield Ridge, cozy sleepover at Garfield Ridge/Gale River junction
–Fred (aka tarpman)