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Kinsman Shelter, then North and South Kinsman

Fred Knight
Solo, 2-day hike with sleepover at Kinsman Shelter, and North and South Kinsman on Sunday morning.

headlampJust got back from overnight to North and South Kinsman. Spend night at Kinsman Shelter. Get this: started at 2pm on Saturday! Did peaks today with 4″ new snow. Glorious! Night was fine except I was not cozy warm, just warm enough with tarp hung inside shelter. Thinking of tent. I almost brought my Sierra Designs 9-pounder less fly, but I chickened out because it seemed too heavy. I think the tarp IN THE SNOW is still nice, but I chose the shelter when I reached it instead of sleeping outside in the snow. Now I am thinking of a Tyvek bivy bag—just need to find a piece of Tyvek.

trailSnowy all the time. I didn’t think that the snow would be early, but the trip up had flurries. Reached the Shelter after 1 hour to the Lonesome Lake Hut and then 2 hours up Fishin’ Jimmie Trail. Hung tarp. Cooked a great evening meal after getting warm in my parka and lower bag. Boil-in-a-bag meat and rice, previously cooked and heated in the tea. Used Mike Pineault’s suggestion of pouring the hot water in a nalgene bottle and placing it in the sleeping bag—stayed warm half the night. In the early am, awoke to get a couple interesting pictures, but they are blurry. I will need to use a tripod next time. Morning came, and I had a fine hot breakfast, keeping the food warm in my insulated Nalgene cover.

Started out on the fresh trail before 8am. Did North Kinsman and continued to South. Back to the shelter junction before 10am, then back down. I startled a young woman around a bend in the trail; she did NOT expect anybody!

Pics here. The camera worked fine. Love the tilt screen. Actually had it in my parka pocket all night, and didn’t even feel it. Battery did fine; down to about 60%. No effects of the cold.

Summary: ~11 miles, snowy on both days, 2pm start on Saturday, Sunday breaking trail to peaks. Simply gorgeous with new snow.

Mt Monadnock

Mike Pineault and Fred Knight
Up via Red Dot, Old Ski Trail, and White Dot. Breezy on top. Down via White Arrow—a great trail—with excursion to Monte Rosa—another fine out-and-back trail. Used microspikes except on the Monte Rosa, which was not broken out and taken to justify carrying our snowshoes. Monte Rosa had a great view of the summit and down. After the Half-way House we took Thoreau Trail to Lost Farm to Parker. See map.

Pics are here and are from my new Sony AEX-6. The battery only went down to ~65%, since I kept the camera off as much as possible. No problem with cold, but temperature was just under freezing.

Summary: ~6 miles, 5:20 total time.

Mt Lafayette via Greenleaf Trail
Steve Smith, Fred Knight


We took two cars to enable the hike up Greenleaf (parking at Cannon Mt skiing) and return via either Old Bridle Path or Falling Waters (preferred). The day started sunny and at 10 deg F (even though calling it an alpine start was questionable due to the lateness). Greenleaf is a very nice trail below the Greenleaf Hut—my first time on it. By the time we reached the summit at noon, the clouds had moved in. From conversations en route, we heard that Falling Waters stream crossings were dismal, so we headed back via Old Bridle Path. The inset shows the area where some Falling Waters hikers bushwhacked to avoid the lower two stream crossings. insetTrip time was well over book time of 5.75 hrs, although I wouldn’t call the pace leisurely. Must have been all those Fuji picture taking stops. Quite a fun day; never got out of the teens for temperture. When I got back to the car and Steve had headed home, the temperature was 15 deg F. With no nice plans for Sunday, I decided to abandon the sleepover at Lafayette Campground and return home. I kept thinking of possible routes to Kinsman, Passaconaway, or Squam Range for Sunday, but I wasn’t psyched. I am hoping for some two-day hikes on some of the next few weekends. And I’ll hope for some more snow!

Full Report here


Summary: 7.8 miles to Mt Lafayette up via Greenleaf and down via Old Bridle Path, 3700′ elevation gain, 7 hrs (over book time!), Microspikes and crampons on well-packed trail with minimal wind above treeline.

–Fred (aka tarpman)