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Squam Range: Mt Percival, Mt Morgan


Doug Anderson, Charlie Anderson, Fred Knight

At Charlie’s suggestion, we made the shortest drive possible to reach some peaks and did the Mt Percival-Mt Morgan loop CCW. The fresh snow was light, and we wore snowshoes. Only a couple places of difficulty approaching Mt Percival, where I chose the “Summit via caves” route, which was trickier. Temperatures were in the teens and early 20s, cooling and getting windier on the final leg coming down from Mt Morgan.

And in a special message—we send end-of-the-year greetings to all, especially to our loyal readers. See pics in the

Full Report here.


Summary: 5.4 miles to Mt Percival and Mt Morgan in Squam Range, 1700′ elevation gain, Snowshoes all the way in few inches of powdery, new snow.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Tarpy Takes (Beaver Brook) Shelter

Brief Report

Beaver Brook Trail Vista
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I took off to take advantage of the clear day before some predicted snow and did an overnight at the Beaver Brook Shelter. Gorgeous and contrasting conditions on the two days. Took a couple hours to reach the Shelter, where I dropped my main pack for the overnight, then continued to the top of Mt Moosilauke. See the movie here. Overnight in shelter

Full Report here.

Hike down the 1.5 miles was serene and beautiful. mapBack to car in close to 2 hours. Not sure why it took that long.

Summary: 8.6 miles, 3500′ elevation gain, Overnight Stay at Beaver Brook Shelter with 4 calls of nature in 13 hours.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Franconia Ridge: up Old Bridle Path, down Liberty Spring

mapSteve Sawyer, Mike, and I left one car at my proposed destination (Flume Gorge Parking) and drove to Old Bridle Path/Falling Waters Trailhead. We got going at 07:55. I put on my fleece, the wind was blowing in the parking lot and the temperature was just under 30 deg. We were behind a large party that took the right onto the Falling Waters, while we did a leisurely pace up Old Bridle Path. The trail started almost bare of snow, but less than a mile up the ice got tricky, so we all donned microspikes. However, Mike’s were only SnowTracs, which were going to prove to be compromised by the ice flows on the trail. By the time we got up onto the ridge, Mike was behind. I decided to go on ahead, as I wanted to do a longer hike.

Full Report

4I made it to the Greenleaf Hut at 2:15 and continued a little ways before switching to crampons for the ascent up Mt Lafayette. Actually the ice just past the Hut was worst, just crusty snow on the top. I reached the top after 45 minutes, switched back to microspikes, and set out along the ridge. There was little wind, even less than predicted. The sky was cloudless. On the ridge, I met a stream if hikers who had come up Falling Waters, which I reached at ~12:15. Mt Liberty was 2.1 miles more; I had come 1.7 miles along the ridge. I made it by 1:20. The three hikers on the peak took my picture posed on the top. Then I hiked, slowly, down to the car. Book time is 8:15; I took 7:55. I wore microspikes until the last part past the creek before Flume Slide Tr joins.

Charlie Abert had called me before I left saying he was not coming. I left Steve and Mike to cope with the icy trail early on. I passed many small groups of hikers on the ridge. I met the large group who had started just in front of us at the top of Falling Waters. I met nobody after Falling Waters until Mt Liberty. Very little snow throughout. Icy conditions of up and down slopes required light traction, and crampons were better for me on the last part of the ascent. The weather was simply gorgeous: clear sky, temps in the late 20’s, and little wind.

Summary: 12 miles, 4612′ elevation gain, 0755-1550=7:55.

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Mt Monroe via Ammonoosuc Trail



Steve Smith, Steve Bussolari, Jonah Tower and Benny, and Fred Knight. Charlie Abert took one of the cars to Highland Lodge and did a solo hike to Eisenhower, making friends along the way. We had intended to end up there as well, but due to white-out conditions, decided to return from Mt Monroe along the Ammonoosuc Trail. See report from another group on conditions here.

0830Full report here. And here is a brief movie. See Steve Bussolari’s report here. Benny fell asleep before writing his report. Charlie’s report was thumbs up!

Summary: ~6 miles, RT on Ammonoosuc Trail then to Mt Monroe from Lakes of the Clouds Hut, 0840-1520=6:40