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Wildcat (Sunday) & Washington (Monday)

Fred Knight (2 days), Steve Bussolari, James Streitman
2012 Feb 19-20

I did not make Wildcat (the peak) but got Wildcat D on Sunday. Then Steve Bussolari and James Streitman joined me on Monday, and we made it to Lion’s Head, about 1000′ below the Mt Washington summit—turned back due to winds.

Lunch smile
Up and down along ridge brought me to WIldcat B.

For full report, click on the image.

Mt Whiteface

Mt Whiteface
Mike Gates and Fred Knight
2012 Feb 11

Although Mike doubted my Sienna’s navigation skills, we found the trailhead on FernCroft Road and took a usual route in reverse. We hiked along a road for ~1/4 mile and took off on the Dicey’s Mill Trail, omitted the 750′ ascent of Mt Pasaconaway, continued on the Rollins Trail to Whiteface, and then went down the Blueberry Ledge Trail, which has a couple tricky rocks.

Below, Mike enjoying the view along the Rollins Trail. Mike also enjoyed the other hikers we met. We had some good chats. One woman was not only doing Passaconaway as well but thinking of adding a Tecumseh later in the day. Another, who emerged form the path to East Sleeper (one of 100 highest peaks in NE and a frequent add-on to this hike) met us during our lunch at the viewless peak and acompanied us part-way down the Blueberry Ledge Trail.

Summary: ~10 miles RT, ~6 hrs, 2900′ elevation rise

–Fred (aka tarpman)

Trail views.
Click once to get full field; click again to get higher resolution and pan across image.

wash skiers

Note: Photoshop worked on right panorama with Steve Smith’s method: Photoshop>File>Automate>PhotoMerge… Auto, Blend, Vignette Removal, Geometric Distortion Correction. Needed hugin for left but still has alignment problems even after manual addition of control points.

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On the Lacey Trail

On the Lacey Trail
Not sure why or where I took this

Mountain Man Mike

Mountain Man Mike
Hoofing it up hill

A great day for smiles

A great day for smiles
A great hiker; he’s on the move.

Gotta love that physique

Gotta love that physique
Can I claim the hip belt enhances the middle?

Mt Monadnock

Fred Knight, Mike Gates, Doug Anderson, Evan Carson
2012 Feb 4

We walked up Mt Monadnock on an icy trail, along with many others.

The day was mostly clear. We wore microspikes (Doug and Evan) or crampons (Fred and Mike) almost all the way.

Mike, my old swimming buddy Mike Gates, turned up at the parking lot just a few minutes after we arrived.

Summary: ~ 5 miles, 2200′ rise, 4:05, very icy, temps in 20s

Full report here.